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Comprehensive and Collaborative Planning

LSU Health Master Plan

Shreveport, LA

Orcutt | Winslow was engaged by the LSU Health Sciences Center to update the master plan for a complex campus that includes multiple tenants, numerous clinical missions and a variety of stakeholders to help solidify a campus-wide strategy for future development. This required an organized and collaborative approach to provide an outstanding learning environment for students and also to reflect a commitment to multi-discipline collaboration, institutional partnerships and the exchange of ideas in research and education.

Orcutt | Winslow developed and facilitated an intense visioning work session involving architects, health care planners, high-level administration, hospital staff, outpatient services, medical school and neighboring entities. Challenges included property acquisition and ensuring pedestrian crossings and facility adjacencies would not overly tax staffing efficiencies. The end result generated valuable information that served the micro and macro campus decisions that would take place for years to come. Understanding management issues such as property holdings/acquisition strategies to locating major campus additions can now be made with the entire campus’ and stakeholders’ futures in mind.