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Madinaty Master Plan

Cairo, Egypt

Welcome to Madinaty, a new walkable mixed-use community of 3200 hectares. The name means “my city,” which perfectly encapsulates the core philosophy of the development. For Madinaty is, in its purest expression, a place where every resident can experience a sense of individuality and exclusivity. At Madinaty, “It’s all about you.”

Madinaty’s commitment to individuality and exclusivity suffuses every aspect of the development. Those qualities are reflected in the range of residential living opportunities, distributed among three residential districts (“zones”), and surrounded by lush specimen and indigenous landscaping, with an array of sumptuous estate homes, elegant villas, and stylish executive golf villas that reflect a heightened level of flexibility, identity, and image to create a sense of place and community. They are represented in the sense of privacy and seclusion designed into the master plan. They reveal themselves in the oasis-inspired landscape and hardscape design that manifests itself in beautiful jewel-like gardens spread throughout the community. They are in full display in the luxury hotels, upscale boutiques, and classy restaurants of the retail complex. They are a guiding principle in the sprawling 45-hole championship grade golf course, which is comprised of five 9-hole golf courses, where golfers can combine and “configure” the holes in adjoining courses to customize a unique 18-hole course to their personal preferences. And those qualities are especially prominent in the three elegantly exclusive clubs—including the Private Club and its assortment of top-notch entertainment opportunities, services, and amenities.