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Madinaty Villas

Cairo, Egypt

Offering spectacular golf course or lakes views, the Madinaty Villas are separated into three zones and provide a serene environment for families with all the day-to-day amenities and services close at hand. 

In order to provide a variety of home designs and sizes to accommodate the 600,000 residents of Madinaty, the residential areas of the city were divided into multiple zones with wide pedestrian promenades and service areas. Villas range from 259 to 660 square meters, with lot sizes ranging from 330 to over 1,556 square meters. This variety truly offers something for every family’s size, wants and needs. 

For those seeking an elegant and exclusive lifestyle, the Golf Residences & Resort district in Zone 1 is the place to live. Bordering the beautifully manicured greens of the sprawling 27-hole championship golf course, which is three adjoining 9-hole courses, the residents of this district can tailor plays to their likes with hundreds of potential configurations available. The Private Club & Resort of Zone 2 offers residents a similar luxurious lifestyle to that of Zone 1, within a more “medium” scaled home with eight different two-story villa options, consisting of seven single-family villas and one duplex. As a golf community, the Private Club & Resort district features its own 9-hole golf course and allows golfers the opportunity to add an additional nine holes from the courses in the adjoining districts (Zones 1 & 3) to create a nearly endless combination of 18-hole configurations. 

Zone 3’s Executive Club district homes range from medium estates to small villas, and includes multi-family residential buildings. Whatever the size of course, the homes in this district all embody the same sense of privacy, individuality, and exclusivity that prevails throughout Madinaty. As is the case throughout Madinaty’s three districts, the homes in the Executive Club section are arranged around the perimeter of a splendid 9-hole golf course.