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Panjin Hot Springs Resort and Spa Park

Panjin, China

Panjin Hot Springs Resort, a retreat that is as spectacular as it is serene. Due to the city of Panjin’s annual average temperature of 8.6C (47.5F) special care was used to ensure year-round enjoyment and luxury when developing this innovative water and spa resort. Taking advantage of the naturally occurring hot springs, Panjin Hot Springs Resort, is an indoor/outdoor family orientated Spa Park supporting a projected 3,000 to 5,000 guests per day. Panjin Hot Springs Resort features include: spa treatment and relaxation areas, a configurable lazy river with variable indoor and outdoor loops connecting various amenities, wave pools, a world-class Tao Thai Spa where guests can experience personalized therapy treatments that restore both the body and mind, a five-star luxury hotel and conference center (400 keys), 21 VIP bungalows on their own private island within the outdoor spa park, vacation condominiums and condo-tel apartments that are in located in mid-rise towers overlooking the entire resort (approximately 1,400 units), 28 cluster homes and 42 townhomes that ring the outdoor Spa Park providing easy access to the park and spectacular views from their elevated vantage point, 430 apartments in Hong Kong-style towers that provide additional housing for guests with restricted budgets and areas dedicated to retail, commercial and office space. A true four-season wonderland of relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalization Panjin Hot Springs Resort pampers and transcends as a world-class destination.