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Qatar Embassy

Rabat, Morocco

Qatar and Morocco share time-honored Arabic roots yet have evolved individual cultural and architectural expressions. This modern interpretation takes traditional Arabic design and architectural elements from each culture and brings them together, representing the shared future of the two nations while maintaining their unique character.

The Qatar Embassy, Ambassador’s Residence and Qatari Guest House will stand as a symbol of the close relationship between Qatar and Morocco and be a welcoming sanctuary to all those who are away from their homeland. The privacy and security of a five-meter-high white concrete wall surrounds the urban site, while a magnificent canopy soaring high above the entrance beckons visitors to explore the wonders that lie within.

A modern interpretation of the centuries old concept of the courtyard is created by inventively sinking the program below ground, freeing the landscape above to become a serene welcoming garden that conveys peace, tranquility and sophistication, qualities that exemplify the close cultural and spiritual ties between Qatar and Morocco.