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Transformative Culture of Care

Richard A. Anderson Texas State Veterans’ Home

Houston, TX

The Texas State Veteran Home in Richmond embraces a transformative culture of care, where the resident is the foremost priority. In this veteran nursing home design, every resident is honored within a warm and homelike environment, complemented by an array of dynamic services.

The heart of this facility revolves around a single-story central administrative support building and community center, acting as a focal point for the surrounding four single-story residential neighborhoods. Nestled in a picturesque park-like campus, the main entry offers a captivating visual experience, guiding visitors to the center of the site.

Within each neighborhood, a thoughtful arrangement of 30 private resident rooms is divided into three 10-resident households, ensuring a balance of privacy and a sense of community support. At the core of each household lies its own fully equipped kitchen, dining/activity room, living/reading room, and staff support areas, fostering a genuine sense of belonging. The common areas are positioned in the center of each household, promoting social interaction and camaraderie among residents. Adjacent to these shared spaces are the private resident rooms, thoughtfully designed to enhance comfort and accessibility.

The kitchen and dining area, affectionately known as the heart of each household, symbolizes the nourishing spirit of care and fosters a warm atmosphere for shared meals and meaningful interactions.

By combining the principles of resident-centric care with a harmonious and purposeful architectural layout, this Texas State Veteran Home embodies a true haven for veterans, where they are cherished, celebrated, and provided with the care and dignity they so rightfully deserve.