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In the ultra-competitive restaurant industry, how the back-of-house functions is just as important as the front.

Typically all the pretty pictures, glory, and design love goes to the public-facing front-of-house, but for a restaurant, its staff and ownership to flourish, the back-of-house must be treated with the same level of care, thought, and planning. Our decades of work in hotel, resort, convention, and theme park design allows us to create a working environment that can significantly and effortlessly help a restaurant’s turnover, efficiency, staff satisfaction, and financial performance. More than cafeterias and coffee bars, it’s about creating special environments in which people want to gather, socialize, meet-up and spend time in, over and over again. Based on this deep understanding, we were entrusted to design the institution that trains the future leaders of the hospitality industry at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

Transformative Dining & Retail Design

Dining and retail design go beyond the confines of cafeterias, coffee bars, and shops, extending its scope to provide hospitality for a diverse array of individuals. The objective is to craft environments that entice people to gather, socialize, meet, and invest their time. Contemporary store layouts must seamlessly guide individuals from product discovery to purchase while also incorporating value-add engagement points that enhance the overall shopping experience. In recent years, retailers have embraced technology within their spaces, not merely for convenience but to augment value and entertainment. When intentionally designed, dining or retail spaces can significantly benefit from tech-enabled in-person interactions, facilitating seamless and personalized customer experiences. Our designs aspire to elevate your project into a genuine hospitality destination.

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