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Sacred spaces seek to find the tradition of their faith and bring both human and divine emotion to the built environment. A place of worship is often a contemplative space, and as such, we take great care to create an environment that is gracious, hospitable, and dignified.

As new generations of congregations rethink places of worship, they are presented with questions of connection, adaptability and their contrast to the traditional structures of the past. Whether traditional or modern design sensibilities are desired, the play of light, sound, materials and volume all go into defining intended experience and celebration of those who gather in the space.

The Community Within

Designing for a church is like designing a house for each of the congregants. There is no space more personal to more people. At Orcutt | Winslow we understand that our role is to create a design that can speak to everyone. The names of the spaces might be the same from church to church, sanctuary, fellowship hall, but the community within is always unique. Our designs reflect your values and relationship with each other and the broader community.

Insights in Events Venues

Design + Marketability


Design + Marketability

Marketability and office design go hand-in-hand. Resolving critical issues that meet the needs of our corporate clients, and/or their tenants, is key to the success of any professional office space.

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