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Truly Colossal to the Elegantly Intimate

Regardless if your projected visitor count is 200 or 2 million, we have you covered.

Balance and flexibility are key to a well-designed convention center, and experience is key to achieving a facility that can accommodate today’s various types of events. Forty years of experience has made our firm leaders in the industry, beginning with the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. We have since worked on every phase as it has developed into one of the largest convention centers in the world at over seven million square feet. We design our facilities with the ability to handle multiple events simultaneously, keeping design in mind for the user and functionality and efficiency for the staff.

We pride ourselves in the understanding of back-of-house operations that facilitate a functional design; efficient in both area allocation and staffing.

Tailored for Dynamic Events

In the world of convention centers, we create tailored spaces that accommodate dynamic events. We understand that these centers are versatile platforms that host a wide range of gatherings, from conferences to exhibitions. Our designs optimize layouts and configurations to ensure seamless flow, flexibility, and functionality for each event’s unique requirements. By crafting spaces that adapt to diverse needs, we contribute to the success of events that leave a lasting impact.

Enhanced Attendee Experience

What sets us apart in convention center projects is our unwavering focus on enhancing the attendee experience. We recognize that these spaces are not just venues; they’re immersive environments where connections are made and ideas flourish. Our designs prioritize attendee comfort, navigation, and engagement, creating environments that foster interactions and knowledge-sharing. By making attendee satisfaction a priority, we elevate the overall quality of events hosted within these centers.

Harmonious Form and Function

In the realm of convention centers, our hallmark is the harmonious fusion of form and function. We believe that aesthetics and practicality need not be mutually exclusive. Our designs go beyond the traditional to create spaces that are both visually captivating and inherently functional. By seamlessly integrating innovative architectural concepts with layouts optimized for diverse events, we redefine convention centers as venues where every aspect enhances both experience and functionality.

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